Cozumel, Mexico - January 8-15, 2005

It was Mom, Dad, Cathy and me on the trip.

We stayed at the Iberostar, Cozumel. It is the southernmost resort on Cozumel, very close to the Palancar Reef.

The resort was magnificent. The people were friendly, the food was good, and the sun was shining (almost) all week. Plus, it was all-inclusive, including the towels.

The animal and plant life was abundant. We even tried our hands at catching some fish. We didn't have any luck.

And of course, I went diving. I actually dove 10 times over 5 days. Every morning. I learned some good breathing techniques to conserve air, and got some good advice on photography. Unfortunately, I got it the same day my batteries died, so I didn't get to put it into practice much. Maybe next time. I would like thank the staff of Dressel Divers, Matt, Pino, Charlie, NIc, Arwen, and Morgan.

Maybe (ha ha ha) I'll get this looking nicer, but until then, enjoy what's here and we'll see you in the Caribbean.

If you want to check out the resort, you can hit Iberostar's web page here.