Bermuda Cruise - 2004

This is our 10th cruise and a celebration of our 10th anniversary.

I'm getting bad at posting these pictrues, it took six months. Argh.

As with all vacations this one started at home. We soon arrived at the new cruise terminal in Bayonne NJ. It is extremely convenient and we hope to be leaving from there again next summer (9 night Caribbean).

It was time to board the newly renovated and very updated Empress of the Seas (Formerly the Nordic Empress). This was our fourth time on board the ship. The updates were awesome.

We cruised out on the Hudson river, watching as NYC passed.

After a day at sea we arrived at Bermuda. We took a very narrow channel into St. George Harbor. We were in St. George for one day and Cathy and I spent our time at Fort St. Catherine.

After leaving St. George, we went to Kings Warf. This is the formal Royal Navy Yards on the island. We toured the area and visited the museum. We also watched a dolphin encounter.

After King's Warf it was off to Hamilton and famous Front Street.

At dinner we sat with some wonderful people. Tiffany and Scott, Laura and Chris, and Janice and Mike. We had many good times at dinner and a few late nights in the lounges. Of course, out waitstaff treated us amazingly. We had the same head waiter, Hayder, as on our last cruise. Our waiter, Olcay, and assistant waiter in the main dining room were also wonderful. We even ran into our waiter from the last cruise, Anna, who was now working in Portofino, the Italian specialty restaurant.

The entertainment was great, featuring a favorite of ours, Los Pompos Gauchos. It appears the daughter and son have taken over for their parents.

A cruise is not complete without some towel animals to decorate the room. Our Cabin Stewards did a great job.

Of course, every trip must come to an end.....