Our House

So, I finally took some new pictures of our house and here they are. There are still old pictures from our inspection with the former residents stuff, but this is our stuff. I don't have any exterior shots, because the weather has been pretty bad, but they will be up eventually.


You enter the house into the living room. We still have the same couches as we had in the apartment, but new slip covers give them a new look.
The television stand is new. Again, from IKEA. It matches the rest of our stuff. The old entertainment center didn't fit, so we put in in the hall.

At first we thought it wouldn't look right, but it seems to fit.

And the cat likes it, so I guess we did okay.

We are still waiting for our new dining room table. Until then we still have the old table. The kitchen still has some rough boards on the walls, that will probably be changed at some point.


Cathy's office is downstairs. She has built-in bookcase and her desk is hidden in the pretty cabinet.
Her office is next to the vintage bathroom. Classic early 1950's.
My office is upstairs. This is the one room we had to repaint.
It also has the guest bed.
The cats like it. As you can see, we still don't have everything on the walls. The mirror is waiting to be installed.


Upstairs, in addition to the office, we have a small hall with a very short ceiling under the front dormer. You have to watch your head coming up the stairs.
Bedroom furniture by..... you guessed it, IKEA.
There is a large walk-in closet, but Cathy has it full, so we'll keep the doors closed.
We still have the old dresser. There is a matching dresser from (you know where) that was out of stock when we bought the bed.


Hopefully you have enjoyed your brief tour of Parzynski Manor. As things change, I hope to post more pictures and keep things up to date. Maybe some shots of the basement (real exciting there), or the new patio (coming spring 2003).

Thank you for visiting, come back soon.